Need Help With Leadership Skills? Is It The E.I.?

Need Help With Leadership Skills? Is It The E.I.?

Developing your leadership skills has to do with many things – including E.I.

It’s no mystery. Emotional Intelligence is a powerful tool and behaviour to help you achieve business goals and improve the skills of being a leader.

Forbes Magazine calls E.I. ‘the ultimate soft skill.’
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Help Achieve Goals With Identity

Help Achieve Goals With Identity

As a business coach, it’s one of the many things I discuss with clients: how to achieve your goals in the framework of your company name and identity.

For myself, I often have to get it out of the way first – that, yes, my given name is the same as the famous manager of the Beatles from the 1960s. But I don’t work in music.

My business definition as ‘Success Coach’ should make it clearer. I’m here to help companies succeed. As a business coach, I can help guide you towards that success in many ways.

Your corporate identity, brand image and name can stand tall or fall from your company’s actions and reputation.

Consider Wells Fargo, longtime multinational financial-services company. It’s now also known for the scandal of creation of over 2 million fake bank accounts by WF employees. The firm has had to work uphill to return respectability to its name.

This is definitely getting into damage control, and we’ll talk more about that in another blog or few.

General advice about company names include tips like: Watch synonyms and mashups. It shouldn’t need a mini-manual. People should get it right away. And most of all, the name should *stand for something* strong and good.

Apple is a ‘rule-breaker’ because the name doesn’t actually tell you what the company does. It’s all about brand position. People get it right away. It’s as famous as the Beatles ever were, and more people use it, everyday. And a name that big has to be very accountable, and keep on excelling.

Whatever industry you’re in, your name and identity have to stand up for who, what and how successful you are. What do you and your company represent? What are the most important goals you’re working to achieve? What do (business)people think of when they hear your name?

A strong identity built on a strong foundation can be very powerful. And a business coach who works regularly with CEOs and managers of medium- and large-sized companies, can bring you the outside-inside perspective:

  • Help with corporate and business goals.
  • And help in assuring that the identity and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build can be best, if not better.
October Says: Inside Those Insights!

October Says: Inside Those Insights!

As I see the stores piled up with costumes and masks for that frighteningly obvious night October is known for, I reflect that we often go through life not knowing what’s under a disguise. It’s more than having our hands in the no-sugar-added candy pail, and thinking “Gee, if I knew for sure that’s Jim’s kid, I’d give doubles.”

Did you know October is also known for being Gain the Inside Advantage Month’? For someone wanting to pull a heist, they’d have the inside as well as outside advantage at this time. Halloween is good for their business.

In the corporate business world, we spend a lot of time trying to reach and define the inner core of the key to business success – many times each day. Often we have to peel back layers of disguise, denial assumption, or simply corporate red tape to get to the crux of the matter, the advantage that’s concealed.

This is where the insight advantage comes in. Often what’s inside is so deep it can benefit from an outside professional helping to bring it out. That pro can help give you the insight you need, or can help you recognize what you already have.

Just as the so-named book by Robert H Bloom and Dave Conti indicates, The Inside Advantage is the strategy that unlocks hidden growth – and will help you capture, e.g., that magic moment when customers will select your product or service over those of your competitors.

And if you’ve got a great colleague, coach or mentor who can help give you the insight you need (as you may not have time to read this great book), you’ve already got an advantage. Interested in a 30-minute free consultation?…

It’s A Match!

It’s A Match!

The other day I was reading about the Recent Power of 4 Event, in Pointe Claire, QC, run by motivational sales analyst Marcie Balaban of

She brings together entrepreneurs and upper management of companies, but with no random cocktail-party approach. In elegant surroundings, she carves out a directed meeting between the two, in areas from electronics to real estate, with a common purpose – finding trading partners and referral sources.

It got me thinking about some of the clients I work well with, and how well they work with other people. Let’s face it, we match-make every day and throughout lives, even if we don’t call it that. Will this new employee fit well with our company culture? Will this caterer provide well for our upcoming event that has at least three vegans? Will my upcoming date-night have the potential of providing me with a permanent partner or a gym buddy?

Matchmaking reality shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank also show us each time that there’s a definite process and growing connection going on between potential partners, that has as much to do with the heart as with the head and finances. This eager entrepreneur and that venture capitalist are a match! Sometimes they even hug, and there’s the occasional glint of tears on both sides.

There are some dragon/shark differences. In a Financial Post Magazine article, panelist Kevin O’Leary said, “As a shark I get a pre-pack of where they came from, history, what school they went to. I know more about them as individuals.” And, as follow-up shows show, the matches can pay off big time.

The common purpose is key here. Both parties in a biz deal want it to succeed. They’re coming at it from different places, with different levels of action, experience and contribution. They each have expertise and particular money concerns. Information is exchanged. A connection is made, grows, ignites. And that joining has all the potential to knock your Argyle socks off, with two impassioned experts at their best.

Need some input and coaching on how to make the best matches in your company? Looking for a business coach to help you scale your business or secure a new partner – and who’s a great biz partner for you?

There’s a great way to find out if you and I are a match. That’s my free 30-minute consultation

Career Search in the Summer

Career Search in the Summer

Summertime is here – almost the month of August. Many of us are enjoying the sunny weather – times at the cottage, on the boat or traveling. Time to relax and enjoy for sure – but should all of us completely forget about work for July and August and not do any career research or planning if we are looking for new opportunities?

Often people will say to me that they will apply for jobs in the fall. Why look for a job or a new career opportunity in the summer, when the fall is the time when employers do their hiring, I am often asked?

I often respond by paraphrasing my grandfather, who was a successful businessman in Nova Scotia – “What you plant today, will be part of your harvest tomorrow.”

Like anything else, there is a lead up and planning time to secure work in your chosen field. Statistics state (depending upon what web site you are on), that 70 to 90 percent of job seekers find work by building and growing their professional network. So summertime is a great time to reach out to your personal contacts and to take the time to set up coffee meetings with employers and company representatives. This time of the year, in many organizations, the pace is slower, as companies are also pausing for the summer. Leaders and Managers are using this time to develop their business, financial and marketing plans for the fall. This summer slow down may be the perfect opportunity for job seekers to learn more about various industries and companies – and where you may fit. I suggest that you use this time to have introductory and information meetings with employers and people of influence who may be able to consider you or refer you for roles in organizations. Summer may be the a very good time whereby employers are receptive to meet and grow their professional networks – and possibly hire.

Promoting from Line Functions

Promoting from Line Functions

We all know them – and most of us have worked with such people in certain functions.  I, myself remember working with Sales professionals who have been promoted to be Sales Managers.  They made great sales and brought in a lot of dollars for the company.  However, they were not very successful in leading others.

Decision makers at organizations have thought that the best way to reward Sales people has been to promote these people.   It has been believed for many years that by effective in their line functions, various professionals in organizations, who are promoted, will be great leaders and motivate others to be as successful

The problem is that people who do well in another functions in a company, whether they are Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources, do not necessarily do well in new leadership and management roles.  They do not necessarily have the skills or natural competencies to lead other employees within the organization.  It is not to say that they could not develop the capabilities to lead teams.

They will benefit from Coaches to discuss their strategies, leadership styles, and ways to lead their team members.  Coaching provides perspective for these new leaders; an effective Coach will be able to provide another perspective to newly promoted Managers and Leaders.  These coaches will be able to guide, question and challenge the thinking and behaviours of these Managers and Leaders.