Brian Epstein was able to help me significantly improve my cover letter and resume for a job I was applying for. His services helped me get an interview! As a new graduate it is challenging to break into the workforce, and Brian’s services were well worth the investment. I now feel much more confident in my job applications, as he has provided advice that is useful for any application. I highly recommend Brian’s services.

Allyse Mathalon

Stewardship Youth Ranger Team Lead
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

“Brian’s expertise and advice were crucial in helping me land on my feet after company restructuring. In particular, his resume and interview advice, but also his positive attitude and constant follow-up kept me on the right track and allowed me to adjust quickly.”

“Brian was my career coach and prepared me for life after leaving Wrigley. Brian was very informative about job searching, resume building and interview skills. Brian and his team helped me prepare my resume which I was very happy with. Some of the skills that I gained from his sessions, I will carry with me for the rest of my career. I would recommend Brian 100% in your job search! Thanks again Brian!”

Ashley Hodder

Quality Assurance Coordinator

“Brian is a joy to work with demonstrating flexibility, passion, and dedication. He understands the mechanics of job search, but also really understands how our business is based ultimately on customer service. He is a strong facilitator, great team player, and excellent coach!”

Michelle Morettini

Manager, Outplacement Services

“I highly recommend Brian to anyone interested in improving their performance as he is a great coach and also an excellent listener. Brian provided me with excellent tools and resources to guide my entrepreneurial transition and business growth.”

Oluseun Obikoya

Entrepreneur | Sales Professional | Mentor

“I would recommend Brian to anyone looking to take themselves and their talents to the next level. In a very personable way, Brian helps you ask the right questions so that you start to see opportunities for yourself and the team you lead. I have enjoyed our face-to-face coaching sessions and have always felt that I can share information in a confidential setting with Brian. The respect and trust that Brian creates is essential for open communication. My career goals have greater clarity after my sessions and I have explored my responsibility in shaping the organization I work for with some simple steps uncovered with Brian. I appreciate Brian’s eagerness to help me find immediate wins as well as develop long term plans to get the most out of my career.”

Allison Sharpe

Director, Donor Engagement & Stewardship
United Way of Greater Toronto Focused

“I believe myself fortunate to have worked with Brian when I relocated from London to Toronto. Brian was committed to providing the best output that he could and was constantly thinking of new ways to help me. Brian provided invaluable advice with regards to updating my resume and preparing me for various interview scenarios. He also ensured that he fully debriefed after the various rounds of interviews to look for areas I could improve in or build on. In short, I was very impressed.”

Alistair Riddle

Director, Trading Credit Risk
RBC Capital Markets

“Brian’s expertise and enthusiasm helped me reinvigorate my job search. He immediately helped me renew the confidence I had lost during a long job search. With his coaching, I was able to recognize when the right opportunity came along and be well prepared for my meetings. Brian clearly has a talent for coaching and I recommend him to anyone looking for direction and support in a job search. He has the skills to assist senior level professionals.”

Angela Mazzonna

Project Portfolio Management Consultant
RBC Royal Bank

“Brian is a good listener. He really gave me quite a few good suggestions on how to improve my career development strategy.”

Andri SadlakClick

Project Manager

“I came from Mexico and to establish my career in Toronto in May 2010. Brian Epstein is an exceptional Career Counselor. I had the opportunity to start working with him two months before I immigrated to Canada and because of Brian’s help, I was able to achieve excellent results in preparing my resume and looking for a job.

He helped me to quickly understand the Canadian marketplace. He provided me with key information that sped up my job search process and saved me at least 6 months in job search. Brian’s services helped me to strengthen my resume and build an effective cover letter. He has deep knowledge on the different resources available in Canada for professionals – both immigrants and Canadian born professionals to do a job search that is 10 times more effective.”

Martin Carrillo

MBA, PMP – Program Manager

“Brian is a wonderful coach. He is very supportive and has many ideas that will take a person’s skills and provide the WOW factor. He is personable and creative. I look forward to working with him again.”

Maria Rosario Di Gregorio

PMP – Treasurer
PMI Lakeshore Chapter

“I arrived in Toronto at a challenging economic time and with only a vague idea of how to approach the job market. Most of my previous experience was in the Middle East and Africa and did not quite fit into the what was expected in the Canadian environment.

Fortunately I soon had the opportunity to work with Brian, whose experience quickly taught me how to develop the skills and tools that are needed to progress with a career change in this market.

My approach to this job search has changed dramatically, and so too have the responses that I am now receiving from my job leads.

The pricing Brian offers is very reasonable considering the excellent services that he provided me. I definitely found his services beneficial and he helped me to understand the Canadian market, make excellent career research tools and do an effective work search. The money was well worth it. In fact, I believe that by using his services, I saved money in the long run.

I recommend Brian to any new entrant who needs to maximize the returns on their job search efforts.”

Roger van Greune

Parts Inventory Analyst
Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc.

“Focused. Energetic. Knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with Brian. A true professional at identifying, analyzing, and solving problems within his field. I’d hire him again and unreservedly recommend him.”

Bob Hodes

Bob Hodes Financial

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