Tackling business – and how to achieve goals, set priorities and improve skills – is often helped with a great cup of coffee (or tea or juice). As a business/career coach, I sometimes treat clients and colleagues, as I advise them on many career and management issues.

And one place I sometimes went was a local longtime coffee-deli-restaurant-bakery place I’ll call BCW (and now closed and replaced by a new business). What happened to the aromatic BCW – and would the benefits of a business coach have helped it?


Though it was a social venue, it often was, like many cafes, a meeting place – if not for high-level business meetings, at least some good exchanges. Its very location was a kind of ‘how to succeed’ geographically. Right on a main street, smack at an intersection and lights, right where the streetcar and bus stop. It was spacious yet intimate, with a summer patio. And the internet, through Reddit, Yelp and other post-it places, has no shortage of opinions and experiences as to why it’s good riddance.

Amidst the raves for certain food items, there were dozens of comments and complaints about the service, the food, the size of the place, and dealing with difficult people – like the owner of the place. (Maybe she was overwhelmed at work.) Many ‘posters’ recommended nearby Starbucks as the better way to go. Amongst the complaints, I began to get the picture of what *might* have been done with this place. ‘What not to do’ morphed into ‘how to manage well, reduce stress at work, meet and exceed goals with great service’ – and overall ‘how to succeed’ in a business.

New Perspective

Good decisions, bad decisions – sometimes it helps to have an outside-inside professional, like a Career Management and Business Coach, to help you manage the myriad issues in your working day. I generally work with corporate upper-management people, but doing business day-to-day involves people from all disciplines. There are some things big executive business can learn from small business, and vice versa.

As for what you can do when you’re at the mercy of the internet, and people dumping on you just because they can? Not much, because the web is all about democracy. That BCW owner will no doubt be coming to grips with the fact that the business she’s closed up just won’t let her alone.


When (and if) you should defend your reputation online is something I’ll address in another post.  For now, try envisioning your business as a kind of main-street cafe. Where everything you do/don’t do is immediately seen – to contribute towards success or disaster. Where the world has a front window on how you prep and implement throughout the day. Where your workplace ambiance has to be pretty darn good for people. And that it’s a kind of meeting-place that succeeds with customers and clients.

Would you like to talk about your business issues over coffee (or alternative)? I offer a free 30-minute consultation. Consider it a great comp appetizer before the ‘entree’ into complete career and business coaching! Brian Epstein, the Success Coach: https://www.epsteinsuccesscoach.ca/