Graduates from Universities and Colleges

I have coached new university graduates who are unsure of what kind of work that they want to do or what type of direction or career that they wish to pursue. Parents have hired me to work with their children who have completed their college or university education programs. I have coached young adults who need support as they determine next steps in their education and careers. I have over 10-years of experience teaching students of all ages in college and over 10 years experience, teaching in the public and private school systems.

These clients and I have assessed explored, reflected and evaluated the skills, traits and values that Graduates have, and determined a career path that will be suitable for them. In some cases, these clients have decided to go back to school for more education, while in other situations, clients have decided to conduct an effective work search with my help. In either case, I have successfully helped clients find careers and work that will align with their passions and interests, while enabling them to work toward making salaries that will meet their financial needs.

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