As a Career Transition or Outplacement Coach, I have met many managers over the years who were not happy with their jobs.  Interestingly, they became happy when they were laid off! These clients felt that they were Executives and managers in the wrong organization, so when they were laid off, it was a relief.

Of course, I asked the question: ”Why did you not leave sooner if you were not happy with your job?”

Clients often have said to me that they realized that their work or job was wrong several years ago, but they still stayed where they were. Maybe they had major bills to pay and they didn’t want to risk unemployment.

Perhaps you can relate.  As a Manager or Executive in a company, you have provided the best service that you can, for years. You have put your knowledge, skills and competencies to good use, to make the company that you are working for, very profitable. And because of a change in leadership or a merger/acquisition, you find yourself in a situation that makes you very unhappy.

So – being laid off may now be almost welcome. And as a coach, I can help you *before* you receive any layoff notice as a manager.  I would like to support you to proactively begin your work search.

I am working with one client right now who believes there is a good chance he could be laid off any time. He wisely started preparing for his search, before he is downsized from the company that he works.  Along with helping prepare his resume, linkedin profile, and cover letter, I have effectively coached him on the best ways to look for a job and to build a professional network. This week, we are preparing for future interviews.

Some questions:

  • Are you ready now to dedicate time to your job search?
  • Do you have the flexibility and autonomy to be able to take time off in work hours to look for a new job?
  • Or do you have a new job lined up to start in the next couple of weeks, but need help making the transition?

Some outside professional advice may be needed. As a Business and Career Coach and Consultant, I can support you in conducting an effective career search and ensuring that your transition into your new role is successful!