To be an effective leader who excels in your industry and cultivates the best employees in the world, it’s important to look both back and ahead at this time of year.

It seems to be a good time to be thinking about, for example, time-management techniques. After all, don’t you want your business environment and employees to be as efficient and productive as possible?

Maybe you’re also thinking about refining your digital presence – and sharing the wealth of wisdom you’ve accumulated as a corporation. Are you doing a SWOT review?  Perhaps a thorough examination of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats can help you go into the new year more prepared.

As a Business Coach helping companies review their end-year results and look ahead, I have found this to be true. One of your most strategic initiatives is the people who comprise your company. I believe that the success of your company comes partly from treating people well.


Happiness, rather than technology, is the key ingredient in a unique workplace experience, according to a global study of 7300 workplace employees in 12 countries; Workplace—Powered by Human Experience

It is estimated that corporations make donations of approximately $125 billion a year. Management and employees can show their interest in caring for other people by giving in other ways that aren’t so easily measured.

Sending brief personal letters to employees thanking them for their particular skill-sets and services can be a great December-seasonal gesture. But it maybe even more important in the new year, when the festivities have wound down, and normal/abnormal business life returns. Humanity in the corporate world can pay great dividends, and definitely show a strong ROI.


Consider being a mentor when you can – bringing the gift of your years of experience to help someone starting out. Take time to develop corporate mentorship programs. When done right, these programs can highly benefit employees, their managers and the bottom line.

Year-end is also often a great time of year to find and hire top talent. And it’s equally a good time to think about creating and developing leadership training. Professional development is what leaders, management and other employees want.  Investment in professional development is the kind of ‘gift’ that lasts year-round and beyond – fir as long as your company exists and grows, and soars past the competition.

Even the most successful leader, manager, company owner and CEO can also benefit from expert coaching. A seasoned, versatile outsider who can understand your business and its people like the insider you are, can help give you that valuable perspective and input you may be too close to see. Surely, it can be a good way begin the new year – with a unique and objective perspective?

As it’s the season of gift-giving, I have the perfect item for you: my free downloadable e-book, ‘The Top 5 Advantages of Hiring A Business Coach.’ I also offer a free 30-minute consultation – to help focus on and define the guidance you need, for the best leadership of the best people. Think of it as the present for the future.

Here’s to a great new year of success – for all of us!