Working with Internationally Educated Professionals

I coach Internationally Educated Professionals who are in the process of immigrating or moving to Canada. I have coached them before they have moved countries in which they have been living and after they have had settled into Canada. I have helped them in understanding various aspects of the Canadian workplace, including getting their credentials assessed, finding work in Canada, preparing their work search tools including their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, portfolios and interviews. I have coached clients from the following countries: United States, Iran, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Italy, France.

New immigrants to Canada, experience many challenges, settling into a new country. Having worked with many Internationally Educated Professions over the years, I have a great deal of respect for these clients as they start their lives in Canada. I am proud to have coached immigrants secure work in Canada with my help. These Internationally Educated Professionals with my assistance, have charted a successful pathway for their careers in such roles as Management, Engineering, Accounting, Marketing, Medicine, Information Technology, Science and the Arts.

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