Career Coaching Services

I have been helping clients transition to new work opportunities and advance their careers for over 20 years. I have Coached clients like you in advancing their careers and through the Work Search process that I coach clients, in progressing their careers and until they have landed in their new roles.

By working with an experienced Coach like me, I assure you that you can ask all questions and discuss all ideas and relevant issues regarding your work search. I cannot guarantee how long of time it will take for you to find work in your field as other factors must be considered, including the amount of effort and time that my clients invest in their careers. I can, however, assure you that you will be able to proactively progress your career or land a role in a shorter period of time than if you conducted the work by yourself, without my support as your Coach.

Looking for a job can be a frustrating experience and it can have highs and lows; often it is compared to going on a roller coaster. You will have ups and downs in your work search. Having a proactive, caring, resourceful and committed coach, working beside you, your stress level will lessen considerably and you will feel confident to know that you have an experienced “collaborative coach” working with you. I provide no-cost assessment tools for my clients.

I can help you by:

  • Providing Career Coaching for you throughout the whole career search and transition process. Rest assured that you will have a confidante guiding you and collaborating with you, until you land your new job and achieve the success in your profession and career that you envision yourself. Working with me as your Coach, you will have an experienced and engaging Career Consultant, whom you can trust and whom you can confide about all issues related to your work search and your developing career.
  • Recommending proven best strategies to look for a job or new work opportunities. I have coached many clients who have come to me for Coaching support after spending weeks or months looking for jobs by sending out resumes and cover letters to many companies. They have posted their resumes on job sites and they have been disappointed by the lack of interest by recruiters or companies.I am a strong believer in building and growing professional and personal networks to find jobs. I have coached many clients over the years, and I continue to coach clients how to communicate with decision makers. These days, during the pandemic, I have helped my clients schedule meetings with Leaders, Managers and Decision Makers on such technological formats as Zoom. Many of my clients have found work by setting up information meetings with decision makers in the industries in which they are interested.To conduct a successful job search, it is critical that you do an effective career research of the companies and opportunities that interest you. I help clients in their research so that they are well prepared for Interviews about the jobs, the companies and the industries in which they are applying.
  • Preparing LinkedIn profiles. Research is showing that more and more employers are looking at candidates or potential employees’ profiles before they even look at the resumes of potential candidates for jobs. That is why, it is so important that all people, who are interested in advancing their careers, have LinkedIn profiles that successfully show their skills and experience and gives an overview of their accomplishments.Over the years, many people have thought that they should just copy and paste their resumes on LinkedIn to make their profiles. I recommend that job seekers create a LinkedIn narrative of their careers, highlighting their skills and accomplishments.
  • Working with my clients in developing their resumes and cover letters. I cooperate with my clients in developing resumes and cover letters that highlights their skills and background; these documents should target the jobs, in which clients are applying.I can help you to:
    1. Prepare your winning Resume that will enable you to be considered as a top candidate for a specific position in any organization.
    2. Write your Cover Letter that targets the specific job for which you are applying. I ensure that you will have a cover letter that will have a compelling opening paragraph that will attract and motivate employers to read about you and be interested in you as a candidate

My Approach

My approach to coaching is to develop excellent rapport with my clients. I would like clients to feel comfortable to work with me. Before any successful coaching relationship can be developed, I would like my clients to know that I am committed to providing the highest quality of support and service that I can to help clients get past roadblocks and challenges they have been experiencing, to land in new roles. I have a passion for my chosen field, Career Coaching. I am motivated to do what I can to support my clients on their pathway to secure work in their respective fields and advance their careers.

Initial Meeting

I begin with a 30-minute meeting with each new client. I am interested to know more about my clients’ lives, their concerns and what they are looking for in a coach. By having such a meeting, both the client and I, are able determine if we are the right fit to work together. This meeting will allow me to understand my clients’ career paths, challenges, and stumbling blocks. I want to learn as much as possible about my clients’ work experience, goals and plans so that we can develop the best strategies and plans to work together.

Covid-19 Career Coaching

In my Career Coaching practice, I have been working with clients who are Senior Leaders, Managers, and Mid-level professionals who have been downsized from their corporate jobs. Since Covid-19, there have been many changes in the workplace. Many people have lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic. Some corporate clients have hired me to coach their Leadership and Management team who have been downsized. Although times are challenging, there are opportunities and I am working with clients to secure new roles in an economy that has changed so much in the last few months.

My Background

I am originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a beautiful part of Canada, in which, I am very proud to have grown up. The people in Cape Breton are very caring and compassionate people. They are interested in helping other people. My grandfather, an Immigrant to Canada, had a very successful clothing business that he established in 1907, shortly after he immigrated. My interests in business came from watching my grandfather manage the store, which was operated by my uncle after my grandfather retired. My father was a dentist in Sydney, Nova Scotia. My mother’s father was also a businessman and owned a successful shoe store in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I learned from a young age from my mentors, the importance of being committed and treating all clients well and providing the best service to all clients.

My Career Coaching experience

I started my work in the Career Consulting and Coaching field in 1998 when I led 1, 2 and 3 day workshops for Murray Axmith & Co. , known as one of the first Career Transition and Outplacement company in Canada. Since that time, I have provided consulting career transition services to other Canadian outplacement consulting firms, as well as one American based and one Belgium based consulting firm.

No matter who you are, new Immigrant or a Canadian born professional, working at the top of the organization or at the lower end of the organization, it is always important that all people build and grow their professional network, when they are looking for new opportunities or advancing your career. It does not matter if you are starting a new job, just finishing your studies, or looking for a job that is more in line with your career expectations, goals and expected earnings; a growing professional network is one of the keys to your success.

Coaching you to Successfully Advance Your Career and Find Work in your Field

Some clients will require to implement all the following steps in their work search. Some clients will only need to do some of these steps in their work search. Brian will work with you to develop a plan and strategy, and determine what are the best steps to help you reach your career goals. Throughout the best process, Brian will work with you and coach you on the pathway to your desired success.

1) Assessment – I will send you an online assessment.

After you finish doing the online assessment, we will set up a meeting on the phone so that we can consider and review the results of the assessment. We can then plan next steps.

2) Research – A major component of the work search is Research. It is important to have a good understanding of the workplace and where you may fit in and where your skills and experience will be in demand. This research will be based on discussions with people who work in industries and companies that interest you.

To do some of this research, meetings (Zoom meetings during Covid-19) with people in your professional and personal network, other connections whom your personal and professional contacts may introduce you and new industry experts, leaders and professionals, will need to be conducted. You can do a lot of research about the industry and potential jobs in which you may be interested in.

3) Networking – It is well documented by various resources, that in order to increase your likelihood of being hired in a timely manner, it is so important to develop, build and grow your network. I will coach you about effectively communicating with people who may know about career opportunities in your field and who may be able to introduce you to people in their network, who may have strong leads and connections for new opportunities. 80% of people find work and advance their careers by building and growing their Network.

4) Work Search Tools include your Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview. I will work with you to ensure that your resume and cover letter will differentiate you from others who are applying for the same jobs in which you are interested. I will coach you to ensure that your resume stands out in comparison to others by listing your past accomplishments and successes that will be most relevant for your jobs in which you are interested. It is important that you indicate and demonstrate the outcomes and results of the work that you accomplished, in both your resume and interviews. We will work together to create a narrative on your LinkedIn which highlights what employers will be interested in.

5)  Negotiations – I will coach you to negotiate the best salary and compensation in your job. I will help you to leverage your skills, experience and value you offer to your prospective employers.

If your ready to get started, please call me directly at (647) 528-9027 to discuss your first step in advancing your career.