Career Coaching Services

As a career coach with over 20-years of experience, I am passionate about your success. A career coach is there to provide you with a sounding board as you search for work or are taking steps to enjoy more success in your current role. You will be able to proactively progress your career or land a new role in a shorter period of time than if you did so without the benefit of my career coaching services.

Looking for a job can be a frustrating experience and it can have highs and lows. Having a proactive, caring, resourceful, committed coach working with you will give you with the confidence that you need to continue your search.  I provide no-cost assessment tools for my clients to help them achieve success.

I Can Help You By:

  • Providing career coaching for you throughout your job search and transition into a new role.
  • Coaching you in your new leadership, management and professional role.
  • Recommending proven best practices to research and secure new opportunities.
  • Teaching you to effectively communicate with key decision makers.
  • Supporting you as you build and grow your professional network.
  • Developing best practices to secure meetings with executives and hiring managers.
  • Helping you prepare your job search tools including updating your resume and  LinkedIn profile narrative to stand out
  • Improving your interview skills and confidence.

My Approach

I am a collaborative coach and building a rapport with my clients is the key to my success. I am committed in providing you with the advice that you need to get past roadblocks and challenges and land that dream job. I have a passion for my chosen field, and have the motivation needed to get my clients on the path to career success.

Career Coaching – Initial Meeting

I begin with a 30-minute meeting with each new client to find out what is most important to them and what they are looking for in a coach. This meeting helps me understand the challenges and stumbling blocks that you may be having. I want to learn as much as possible about your work experience, goals and plans so that I can help you achieve the success that you are seeking.

The Process

Some clients need to implement all of the following steps in their work search. Some clients will only need some of these steps. I will work with you to develop a plan and determine what are the best steps to help you reach your career goals.

1) Assessment – I will send you an online assessment and set up a follow up meeting to plan next steps.

2) Research –It is important to have an understanding of the type of workplace you desire, what roles may be a match for you and where your skills and experience will be in demand.. This research will be based on discussions with people who work in industries and companies that interest you. I am there to guide you through this step using my own best practices.

3) Networking – I will coach you to effectively communicate with people who may know about career opportunities in your field and can introduce you to people in their network. 80% of people find work and advance their careers by building their network.

4) Development of Work Search Tools – These tools include your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interview skills. I will work with you to ensure that your resume and cover letter will differentiate you from other applicants. We will work together to create a narrative on your LinkedIn profile that highlights what employers will be interested in.

5)  Salary Negotiations – I will coach you to on how to negotiate the best salary and benefits for your job. I will help you to leverage your skills, experience to showcase what you offer to prospective employers.

COVID-19 Career Coaching

Since the pandemic, there have been many changes in the workplace. Corporate clients have hired me to coach their management team who have been impacted by the current reality. These are challenging times; however, new opportunities are available in the marketplace.  I continue to work with clients to secure new roles and enjoy greater success.