The Right Time of Year…To Be A Successful Leader of Loyal People

The Right Time of Year…To Be A Successful Leader of Loyal People

To be a successful leader who excels in your industry and cultivates the best employees, it’s important to look both to the past and to the future. The new year is to be a good time to think about, for example, time-management techniques. After all, don’t you want your business environment and employees to be as efficient and productive as possible?

Maybe you’re also thinking about refining your digital presence and sharing the wealth of wisdom you’ve accumulated as a corporation. Are you doing a SWOT review?  Perhaps a thorough examination of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats can help you prepare going into the new year.

As a Business Coach that helps companies review their end-year results and look ahead, I have found this to be true. One of your most strategic initiatives is the people who make up your workforece. I believe that the success of your company comes directly from treating people well. Here are a few ways

Happy Employees = a Successful Leader

Happiness, rather than technology, is the key ingredient in a unique workplace experience, according to a global study of 7300 workplace employees in 12 countries; Workplace—Powered by Human Experience

There are easy ways to instill loyalty and keep your employees happy. Send brief personal letters to employees thanking them for their particular achievements can be a great holiday gesture. It maybe even more important in the new year, when the festivities have wound down, and normal/abnormal business life returns. Humanity in the corporate world can pay great dividends, and definitely show a strong ROI.


Consider being a mentor when you can – sharing the gift of your years of experience to help someone just starting out. Take time to develop corporate mentorship programs. When done right, these programs can highly benefit employees, their managers and the bottom line.

The year-end is also often a great time to find and hire top talent. It’s equally a good time to think about creating and developing leadership training. Professional development is what leaders, management and other employees want.  Investment in professional development is the kind of ‘gift’ that lasts year-round and beyond. A dedicated leadership program will help your business grow and create those happy employees.

Even the most successful leader, manager, company owner and CEO can also benefit from expert coaching. A seasoned, versatile outsider who understand your business and its people. They can help give you valuable perspective and input you that you may be too close to see.

As it’s the season of gift-giving, I have the perfect item for you: my free downloadable e-book, ‘The Top 5 Advantages of Hiring A Business Coach.’ Set up an appointment with me to help focus on and define the guidance you need to be the best leader of the best people. Think of it as a gift for the future.

Here’s to a great new year of success – for all of us!

A Car Accident, Parent Modeling and Business Leadership

A Car Accident, Parent Modeling and Business Leadership

A car accident that I had recently, gave me the opportunity to observe how some parents model behaviour for their children. At the same time, it gave me  better insight into the genuine concern and caring of people and how that may translate into business leadership. This accident gave me the opportunity to observe how a business leader in Canada,  presents one public image, while in his private time, shows a lack of empathy and disregard for others. This leader has sold billions products and services to Canadian businesses and consumers. He is from one of the top managed companies in Canada,.

The Accident

I learned how a young man, who was coached by his father, behaved after this accident. I observed how this leader mentors others, how his moral compass and behaviour does not align with the public profile that he seeks to present. Through his son’s actions, This father and leader modeled inappropriate behaviour, lack of honesty or concern for others.

On June 5, 2017, I was in my car with my mother at a red light. It was 10:00pm and I waiting patiently, behind another car. Soon the light turned green. Without any reason the car ahead of me, backed up towards my car with my mother and I inside, rather than go forward as you should when a traffic light changes to green.

How it Relates to Business Leadership

Obviously, this small accident was not a pleasant experience. It could have been resolved quickly and amicably. However, the accident gave me the opportunity to observe the business leader’s behaviour. The emails that his son sent showed a disregard for others.

Business Leadership: Leader and Employee High Fiving

Leaders need to model good behaviour and actions. This is important for their children and their teams, whether it’s during business hours or during their private time. Failure to show concern for others during their private time, demonstrates a real lack of leadership skills. Leadership is not only carried out Monday to Friday, during company hours. Good leadership qualities can and should be modeled by leaders tin their private time, and not just during business hours.

To learn more about the behaviour that a leader models, contact me for a consultation.