A car accident that I had in early June, gave me the opportunity to observe how some parents model behaviour for their children, while at the same time, it gave me a better insight of the genuine concern and caring of people and how that may translate into leadership. As a result of my accident, I was able to observe how a Leader in the Business industry in Canada, who has sold over one billion dollars of products and services to Canadian businesses and consumers and is one of the top managed companies in Canada, presents one public image, while in his private time, shows a lack of empathy and disregard for others.

I learned how a young man, who was coached by his father, behaved after he had an accident with me. I observed how a leader mentors others and how his moral compass, behaviour, and care and empathy for others do not align with the public profile that he seeks to present. Through his son’s actions, I observed a father and leader who modeled inappropriate communication, no honesty and a lack of concern and care for others.

On June 5, 2017, I was in my car with my mother at a red light, 10:00 in the evening, waiting patiently, behind another car. Soon the light turned green, and without any reason, I was shocked and surprise to see the car ahead of me, back up towards my car with my mother and I inside, rather than go forward, as normally one would expect, when a traffic light changes from red to green.

Obviously, this small accident was not a pleasant experience; it could have been resolved quickly and amicably. However, the accident gave me the opportunity to observe a Business Leader’s behaviours. Through the emails that the son sent me, I observed a disregard for other persons.

Leaders need to model good behaviour and actions for their children and their teams inside their businesses – and on their private time. Failing to show concern for others on their private time, demonstrates a leader’s real lack of leadership skills.

Leadership is not only carried out Monday to Friday, when it is suitable to run a company. Good leadership qualities can or should be modeled by leaders to their children and others, on their private time, and not just during business hours.