3 Reasons why Networking during the Holiday Season is Ideal

With offices shutting down for the holidays, and streets ignited by Christmas lights, it’s easy to assume your job hunt must be put on pause. The truth is, though, the end of the year tis the season to build strong business relationships and demonstrate your value as a candidate to potential employers. Here are three simple reasons why December is a perfect month to expand your network and build strong business relationships.

More Free Time

Employers are less busy during this time of the year and may be open and available to talk with people who can make a genuine difference to their company. Not only will there be less restrictive schedules as companies slacken their reigns, but the holiday spirit could likely elevate employers’ moods, making them more approachable and generous with their time. This makes mid-December, before Christmas, a prime time for introductory meetings.

Employers are Preparing for the New Year

As the year comes to a close, most companies, like individuals, envision new year resolutions. Sometimes this emerges as fiscal goals, enhancements in company culture, or general head counts of staff to tighten overall efficiency. With new resolutions comes an openness to new perspectives—and that’s where you could come in. Simply understanding a company’s future vision and articulating how you can help contribute to it is a sure way to, at the very least, get a potential employer’s attention.

Most People are Drinking Eggnog

One of the most important approaches to demonstrating your value is doing what everyone else is not. Being unique and demonstrating a strong work ethic, especially during a time when everyone is checking out, is crucial for distinguishing yourself as someone worthy of recruitment. This doesn’t mean denying yourself a holiday break and family time, but it does mean going out of your way, in little ways, to make vocational strides. This can mean meeting a potential employer for coffee (or perhaps a zoom meeting), wishing people in your network a happy holiday, or submitting your application to a prospective job ahead of the herd. In simpler words, by networking when nobody else is, you’ve got a better chance of making a strong impression.

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