Career Search for A New Business Professional to Canada

Career Search for A New Business Professional to Canada

Sometimes, a business professional who moves to Canada can have challenges finding work. Last September, a new client started to work with me. He had immigrated to Canada from California, USA to Canada 7 months earlier. He had a very established career in corporate finance before marrying a Canadian and making the decision to move here. He made a very good salary in the USA and was interested in securing work in Canada that matched the salary that he previously made.

The challenge that my client, a finance professional had, was that he could not legally work in Canada because he did not have his Canadian Permit Residence (PR) card or citizenship yet. He expected to get it in the next few months after our first appointment. Over the next few months, we worked together to ensure that he was work ready when his PR Card was ready. I coached my American client in upgrading his resume, cover letter, and Linkedin to position himself appropriately in the Canadian business market. I spent at least 2 coaching meetings with him to prepare for any upcoming interviews.

I coached him about how to use this time, waiting for his Canadian PR card to build a Canadian business network. I coached him on how to develop an effective strategy to implement. He set up many meetings with Canadian professionals who worked in the finance industry. It was not always easy for my client to build a network in a new business community. He has been determined and in the last few weeks, he did secure work in his chosen field.

Finding work can take time. With the right strategy and implementation plan, new immigrants from the USA can secure work in Canada.

If you are a new Canadian, contact me to find out how you can hit the ground running when you are eligible to seek work here.