We all know them – and most of us have worked with such people in certain functions.  I, myself remember working with Sales professionals who have been promoted to be Sales Managers.  They made great sales and brought in a lot of dollars for the company.  However, they were not very successful in leading others.

Decision makers at organizations have thought that the best way to reward Sales people has been to promote these people.   It has been believed for many years that by effective in their line functions, various professionals in organizations, who are promoted, will be great leaders and motivate others to be as successful

The problem is that people who do well in another functions in a company, whether they are Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources, do not necessarily do well in new leadership and management roles.  They do not necessarily have the skills or natural competencies to lead other employees within the organization.  It is not to say that they could not develop the capabilities to lead teams.

They will benefit from Coaches to discuss their strategies, leadership styles, and ways to lead their team members.  Coaching provides perspective for these new leaders; an effective Coach will be able to provide another perspective to newly promoted Managers and Leaders.  These coaches will be able to guide, question and challenge the thinking and behaviours of these Managers and Leaders.