As stores pile up with costumes and masks for Halloween, I think about how we often go through life not knowing what’s under a disguise. It’s more than having our hands in the no-sugar-added candy pail, and thinking, “Gee, if I knew for sure that was Jim’s kid, I’d give doubles.” We don’t necessarily all have those insights and advantages. Sometimes we have to do some work to find them.

Did you know October is also Gain the Inside Advantage Month? In the corporate world, we spend a lot of time trying to reach and define the key to business success. We often have to peel back layers of disguise, denial assumption, or simply corporate red tape to get to the crux of the matter. The advantage that’s concealed. It is up to leaders to help reveal those layers, but some do not know where to start.

This is where the insight advantage comes in. Often, the advantage is so buried that it can benefit from an outside professional to help bring it out. That pro can give you the insight you need. They can also help you recognize what you already have. Most businesses have a real competitive advantage. It may just take an outsider to help you identify yours.

The book, The Inside Advantage, by Robert H Bloom with Dave Conti highlights the strategy that unlocks hidden growth. It will help you capture that magic moment when customers select your product or service over your competitors. Bloom shares his 45-years of experience with the reader, and a success coach can do the same for you.

If you have a colleague, coach or mentor who give you the insights you need if you don’t have time to read this great book, you’ve already got an advantage. Contact me today, and I can help you get inside of those insights.