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Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers. Whereas in the past, IT Executives were far from the limelight, the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Technology Officer have become more multi-faceted as the leaders of organizations and their customers use technology more, to meet their expectations and to ensure the business growth of their companies.

Most executives are challenged with one of more of the following:

Evolution of CTO and CIO Job roles

A blurred line often exists between the two functions: Leadership and Technology. The requirements of the roles of these officers have changed dramatically during the last several years. In order that Chief Technology Officers adapt to the current market, he/she must evolve beyond technical knowledge – and develop the business skills, knowledge and understanding to facilitate the best results for the companies they lead. The success of your company depends on how well you can support your company’s business strategy and plans.

Hiring of Talent and Working with Teams

Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers, looking to drive growth and transform organizations, have reported serious skill shortages in recent years – and more of the same are forecasted for the coming years, which will challenge IT Executives, as they lead and manage leading corporations and other companies. Hiring the right talent will require continuous efforts, and a company culture which fits specific Tech professionals. Resolving the growing skills shortage may require companies to implement various strategies, including hiring millennials, to allow companies to grow. A challenging work environment that attracts younger professionals in collaboration with seasoned professionals, will require effective executives and leaders to motivate, inspire and manage companies.

Digital Leadership & Customer Engagement

To successfully maintain and develop the IT function in a modern-day organization, a Chief Technology Officer in 2018 will need to continuously evaluate and develop their leadership skills. In today’s fast growing and volatile economy, a shift in the business model has occurred, which has had an impact on customers’ expectations of technology and products. The CTO is responsible for delivering technology that promotes new forms of customer engagement.

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