World-Class Business Coaching for Professionals

Consistent progress in our career is everything we professionals can hope for. Every career should always target a certain milestone to keep the motivation levels high. Brian Epstein specializes in guiding professionals in slowly transitioning from an ordinary employee or manager to a top-executive.

Career Coaching for Professionals Helps:

  1. Create a highly engaging resume
  2. Precisely targeted cover letter preparation
  3. Interviewing skills training and practice interviewing
  4. Job search and long term career planning strategies

Career Coaching

Brian Epstein caters different kinds of clients. Let us check them out one by one:

Individual Coaching

Give yourself the opportunity to make your own career break. He is more than willing to support you from job hunting to constructing a career path that works best for you. Through his own experience and techniques, he will use a Co-Active coaching model to help you succeed in your chosen career and also in your personal life.

Executive Coaching

Brian also meets with different vice presidents and directors from different major organizations to help them manage their own teams and careers. He regularly touches base with them to see their progress and assists them with any challenges or concerns that develop along the way.

Expat Coaching

Deliver your success in a foreign land. That’s right, Brian’s Expat Coaching is for Internationally Educated Professionals and Immigrants in Canada who want to launch and improve their careers in North America. Brian will also help you to successfully find the right career for you, build your different networks, and secure new opportunities.

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