Summertime is here – almost the month of August. Many of us are enjoying the sunny weather – times at the cottage, on the boat or traveling. Time to relax and enjoy for sure – but should all of us completely forget about work for July and August and not do any career research or planning if we are looking for new opportunities?

Often people will say to me that they will apply for jobs in the fall. Why look for a job or a new career opportunity in the summer, when the fall is the time when employers do their hiring, I am often asked?

I often respond by paraphrasing my grandfather, who was a successful businessman in Nova Scotia – “What you plant today, will be part of your harvest tomorrow.”

Like anything else, there is a lead up and planning time to secure work in your chosen field. Statistics state (depending upon what web site you are on), that 70 to 90 percent of job seekers find work by building and growing their professional network. So summertime is a great time to reach out to your personal contacts and to take the time to set up coffee meetings with employers and company representatives. This time of the year, in many organizations, the pace is slower, as companies are also pausing for the summer. Leaders and Managers are using this time to develop their business, financial and marketing plans for the fall. This summer slow down may be the perfect opportunity for job seekers to learn more about various industries and companies – and where you may fit. I suggest that you use this time to have introductory and information meetings with employers and people of influence who may be able to consider you or refer you for roles in organizations. Summer may be the a very good time whereby employers are receptive to meet and grow their professional networks – and possibly hire.