I come from a small town. When I reflect about my upbringing, I often ask myself what is one thing that I learned from living in a small community that has helped me in business and working with others?

Without question, I believe that genuine interest and care that people have for others in a small town is transferrable to working in a small business. Generally, in a small town, people want to support other citizens and the people who live to them. People find a way to be collaborative with their neighbours and all the people that live and work in the community. All citizens realize that if they are friendly to one another, a conducive environment for living is created, and a town that operates well is established; people will be happy and enjoy living in that community.

In the same manner, if a friendly environment is created at work, and people feel comfortable and welcomed, colleagues will feel supported and have less stress. Therefore, when people are genuinely interested in other people, Management and employees will be more motivated to go to work. A very good environment will be created when all personnel show interest in one another. Ultimately, I believe good results and outcomes will happen when people are genuinely interested in one another.