Years ago, I was a substitute / supply teacher in public schools. My work there gave me an opportunity to learn more about leadership in schools. This has given me a better understanding of leadership in business. It also gave me insight into what a good business environment is.

How A Principal Is Like a CEO

Working short-term in different schools, gave me the opportunity to observe leadership within the school. Through listening and speaking with teachers in classrooms and in the lunch rooms, I was able to get a sense of what it was like working at that school. I learned:

  • If they respected their principal
  • If they were motivated to come to work every day and
  • How much they enjoyed their work environment.

Over time, I noticed that teachers who liked their principals were more likely to be motivated in their jobs. Even as a temporary teacher for that school, I sensed which teachers were committed. From my observation, there is a strong correlation between principals who are respected and liked, and teachers who are dedicated in their work. A principal who is able to lead by example and develop positive relationships will develop a comfortable environment that teachers thrive in.

What a CEO Can Learn From a Principal About a Good Business Environment

I believe that just like a respected principal will build an effective school environment for learning, my belief is that the influence that a CEO is immeasurable. The CEO also sets the “tone” for that organization. The CEO can model what type of environment is developed within organization. That includes how well people work together. Leadership and a good business environment result in employee loyalty and job retention.

If employees see that a CEO or a principal is able to set a positive tone by interacting well with all members of the organization, a harmonious work environment work will result. Employees will be motivated and produce their best work because they know their leader supports them.

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