The other day I was reading about the Recent Power of 4 Event, in Pointe Claire, QC, run by motivational sales analyst Marcie Balaban of

She brings together entrepreneurs and upper management of companies, but with no random cocktail-party approach. In elegant surroundings, she carves out a directed meeting between the two, in areas from electronics to real estate, with a common purpose – finding trading partners and referral sources.

It got me thinking about some of the clients I work well with, and how well they work with other people. Let’s face it, we match-make every day and throughout lives, even if we don’t call it that. Will this new employee fit well with our company culture? Will this caterer provide well for our upcoming event that has at least three vegans? Will my upcoming date-night have the potential of providing me with a permanent partner or a gym buddy?

Matchmaking reality shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank also show us each time that there’s a definite process and growing connection going on between potential partners, that has as much to do with the heart as with the head and finances. This eager entrepreneur and that venture capitalist are a match! Sometimes they even hug, and there’s the occasional glint of tears on both sides.

There are some dragon/shark differences. In a Financial Post Magazine article, panelist Kevin O’Leary said, “As a shark I get a pre-pack of where they came from, history, what school they went to. I know more about them as individuals.” And, as follow-up shows show, the matches can pay off big time.

The common purpose is key here. Both parties in a biz deal want it to succeed. They’re coming at it from different places, with different levels of action, experience and contribution. They each have expertise and particular money concerns. Information is exchanged. A connection is made, grows, ignites. And that joining has all the potential to knock your Argyle socks off, with two impassioned experts at their best.

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